Central Western Computer Consultants

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Text Box: History

1993      Lyle Farraher was first inspired by the

                 Coordinator of the                                                   Longreach Opening Learning Centre.                  There was a need for someone  in the

                 town of Longreach to help set up and                  maintain  personal computers.                             Personal Computers were becoming quite                  popular.   Lyle's first business started                   installing television antennas in Longreach,                  that is when Antenna-Tech Aust was born.

1994 153 Eagle Street                           was the first business address    Then Lyle moved his business to -.

1995        25 Swan Street, a very well                      know land mark in the town

1998        In the last quarter, Lyle moved his                  business home to 28 Robin Road                  so as to pursue                                                      Contractual computer work.

2000      Lyle went into business with Elizabeth Beattie the owner of Speirs Pharmacy              maintaining the Kodak Express equipment and called the business

             Central Western Computer Consultants.

             While working in a small office behind the chemist shop in Eagle Street, Lyle began              to expand his skills and business to photography and is well known in the town for              his restorations of old photographs using his skills on the computer.

2001      Lyle started to expand his services now               to outlying properties approximately a              300kms radius around Longreach and              as far as Birdsville, Lyle saw the need to              purchased his own aeroplane for this              purpose and continued to service and              supply information and technology to

             the people on outback stations.

2004      Plans were in the making to bring the business

             back to 28 Robin Road Longreach. (Lyle's place of residence).

             Two storage sheds and a new two room  extension now approved.

2005      Antenna-Tech Aust now known as -

             Central Western Computer Consultants has a

             new business address 28 Robin Road, Longreach.